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Hi Allan, I thought you meant in the original post that you are trying to bring it all the way to the ground, and then the ground does what it does-- it provides a counter-push "naturally" as you point out. So in other words, unless you've connected the opponent all the way to ground, you have nothing, right? In other words if you get your connection mucked up at the hip, can you do anything at all like aiki-age? (In such a case you may have point of contact all the way to dan tien connected, so maybe you have something there?)
BTW I think Dan meant how low can the point of contact (starting point) be before you cannot do aiki age anymore, in other words, the lower you get grabbed, the more conditioning you need in order to have a chance for an actively controllable "up" force. (yes?)
Hi Jonathan

Yeah that is what i mean, bringing the opponets force all the way to the ground and returning it, though i feel that it does not come naturally back (ie of it's own accord) rather that it is lead back up the back through the crown of the head and over the opponent (as if covering him in a blanket so to speak). (One problem i have is that i tend to be impatient and get ahead of myself, ie try to bring the force back up before i have brought it to the ground properly.)

And i would agree that if you don't let it go all the way down and it gets "jammed" at the hip then to do something like Aiki-age is very difficult and i end up using strength. Which is no use...especially when you are a wee short-arse like me! You can use the rotation of the dan tian (hara?..i think it is in Japanese, forgive me on that still trying to match up the terminology). But i would guess it isn't as effective as sending it to the ground.

As for how far down the contact point is before i can't do it, well it was at the wrist that there was a break down, as i can feel myself tensing at the contact point and not relaxing there, so i need to work on that. Will have to enlist the help of my lovely assistant (my wife) to help me with that!
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