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Re: Cure for bad knees??


@ Josh- Good link. N yeah, ur right, i am a little afraid for my legs coz i have never been so passionate about something and i would like to avoid putting a stop to it by my own actions (if it happens, it happens but i am still gonna try). Its not the knee but the quads that hurt. I talked to my sensei and he confirms that it is coz i am working those muscles a lot more given the stances and the way one must move in aikido. And perhaps also the idea is i should stop training in the cold before i condition myself more (young but not that young either i guess). Right now sitting here with heating pads, i feel comfortable with those muscles. But hey, appreciate all the information you guys have given. I know now what to do if anything ever really happens to me or anybody else for that matters.

Three cheers for aikiweb and all the gr8 people who actually make it happen .
Thank you, again
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