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Re: what is expected for a not so beginger?

Michael Hackett wrote: View Post

Sorry if my earlier post confused you. What I meant was that you are training in a terrific school and your Dojo Cho and other teachers are quality people. If Nakagawa Sensei is putting you up for 7th kyu, then you are ready for that level. You mentioned that sometimes you forget the names and mess up the techniques - well, here's a revelation for you - so did Nakagawa Sensei (and every other Aikido student) when he was an unranked student going for his 7th kyu. Have confidence in your teachers, they truly do know what they're doing and won't hang you out to dry. You did well by joining that dojo.

In reflection, I suppose wishing you luck on the test was a empty gesture. Luck isn't much of a factor now and you only need to demonstrate what you've been taught. I will change my close then to "Best Wishes" for a successful test.
It's ok I am essly confused, but I also lurned that satements can mean, espely some, can mean a lot of difrent things, so , thats why I asked becaue severl takes came to mind. Thanks for clfrying. thanks and I agree I do have greet Sensei and other students whom are techers as well.

Best wishes ,
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