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Re: Cure for bad knees??

We are giving this poor fellow a grab bag of info, some of which is pertinent to arthritis in the knee (oral supplements), some of whihc is pertinent to tight muscles, some of which is pertinent to weak muscles.... sheesh....:-)
Above the knee is likely muscle pain, probably the quads.
There may be an imbalance in which part of the quads are strong and which weak, and there may be trigger points in one or more parts of the quads. This is important to find out before you just start exercising the legs, so I heartily agree with those who suggest you find either a Physical Therapist or an athletic trainer or other certified rehab person who will actually assess hands-on what the issues are.
Please also remember that stretching is not safe on muscles that are cold (can create small tears) and is not effective on muscles that have trigger points. Actually, strength training is also not very effective on muscles that have trigger points. And in my experience many of the folks who have above the knee pain DO have trigger points in the quads.

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