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Re: what is expected for a not so beginger?

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You worry too much about where you should be compared to oterh people, I think. Everyone is different. I had my first test around 5 months another friend of mine had hers around 4 months and I know someone who will be taking theirs at around 8 months into training. Some have reported going for a year and more without a test. Stop comparing yourself to other people. Look at your progress and acknowledge how far you yourself have come. This is a journey that does not have a final destination. It's not a race and it has no time limits.

If your sensei is testing you he must think you are ready. Trust his judgment. Have fun with your test and just enjoy your training.
Or he thinks I should be readdy, I don't knwo , I sometimes know it and then otherdays I screw it all up. I still get the names mixed up a bit. I not conparing in that way I just trying make sure I am keeping up with weterver the starders are because I don't know them. I am always a few steeps behind everyone esles and amim to meat my own goles. However, everonne else seems to be like in school greaded on and amiming to something that I dont know about.

Best wishes ,
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