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Re: Ankle Pain in Seiza

Me too. And I've done all the 3 things you do to mitigate the pain. It won't help with your long term seiza though.

The problem is the pain-tension vicious cycle. Pain means you will tense up means you will get injury. You have to relax your body into seiza starting from the toes, feet, ankle, legs etc.

Also imagining your weight distribution is not on your ankles will go along way. Good posture, sort of like the feeling you're a ball, sort of bouncy in your seiza.

Don't know if it'll help but I know my sensei's secret. He's killed many students doing his lectures in seiza. To us 30minutes is murder, to him its nothing because his teachers had him at hours on end. So the secret is simple, he sits seiza watching tv. duh.

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