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Ankle Pain in Seiza

I hear and have read a lot about the knees hurting and having issues in seiza. My knees seem fine. My ankles are a mess, however. They ache and after class the pain reminds me of an over use injury I had with my wrists (my wrist actually squeaked after cutting over 700 pieces of burlap). I also seem to have foot cramps across the bottom of my foot.

I have taken to warming my feet up as much as possible before class but it only seems to extend the amount of time before the problem begins.

My wife a yoga teacher recommends that I sit in seiza with a towel under my ankles and to sit in seiza more often. I often find my self sitting with my toes under my feet. I'll sit with my ankles crossed or if I'm near the edge of the mat I hang my feet of the edge. If there is a long period of sitting I switch to cross legged. These all seem to help but only slightly.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Any recommendations, exercises or stretches that might help?
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