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Re: Cure for bad knees??

I have some knee issues so I have to be careful with some of the things I do. First off you say its is the area above the knee not the knee itself right? This sounds more like a muscle strain than a joint issue. If that's the case well as was recommended. Give the muscles time to heal in between sessions, massage is a good idea it will help increase blood flow to the area for healing. Use Heat/cold treatment. Use a muscle rub such as Tiger balm or Asper cream.

For the join itself. A few things that help protect my knees.
A good joint supplement that has MSM and Glucosomine at the 1,500 mg per dose . I use one made by Schiff that costs about $12 a month or so. I definitely notice a difference when I am taking it over when I am not.

Warm up the joint well before working out. Lots of slow easy stretches, no bouncing and just work the joint. I always notice an improvement in flexibility in seiza after warm ups compared to before. Do not force the joint to flex ,beyond what is comfortable, immediately, work up to it.

Avoid sitting in seiza for extended periods of time. Fortunately this is not a big issue on my dojo. My senseis don't tend to be long winded so we spend a lot more time actually practicing than sitting. But if I sense we are going to be down for more than a minute or two I sit cross legged.

When doing Swari Waza take breaks. Don't be afraid to say you need to stop and unkink your knees for a minute. Don't push much past the limits you know your knees will take.

If you start to have pain during class slow down. Be mindful to give the joint a break by either not taking more falls or taking time to get back up more carefully. You can still practice and learn without doing further damage.

If you do over do it and have pain that you know means an injury is coming take a break. Give your body time to heal. Slowing down for a few days is much preferable to being sidelined for weeks or months.

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