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Re: Aiki-age theory

Thanks for the replies.
Yeah it is clear that my connection is lacking. But "man man lai" as they say here in China (slowly slowly come). One think my teacher said that has me thinking is that when contact is made the point of contact should be like the meat of a well cooked chicken in that it will just fall off the bone. (ie there is nothing in the mussel and the bone is the thing that moves) At least that is what i think he is saying.

"How far down can you go to make "up?" : Are you referring to how far you can sink the opponent's power and thus getting to a point where it will naturally return? Sort of like a cam-shaft? At the moment, though sometimes i can sink it down to my feet i sometime get it stuck at my hip. This is were i need to develop the courage to relax again and let it go.

In regard to manifesting aiki-age with the back of your knee could you elaborate a little on that?

Any info other have would also be of great help.
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