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Re: Aiki-age theory

Hi Allan-
If you don't get many helpful replies, please consider that rather than being "pathetically low level," real aiki-age is actually beyond most people (we're working on it though!).

One thing I can say is I think the fact that it is harder when grabbed further down the arm is not a psychological block, but like Mike said, a result of a physical failure caused by increased strain on the tissues that support the "connection" that you both alluded to. Not having strong continuous connection to the wrist is already an overwhelming problem for me-- and then on top of that when there is no "ki" connection, what do we do-- we end up trying to use muscle because ki is lacking, and then that really messes the whole thing up. (Letting muscle kick in could be seen as a psychological failure I guess, so maybe that's what you mean.. but still, the original problem is physical I think.)
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