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Re: Student Intake Questionnaire

Interesting. I assume the questionaire is meant to be a verbal cue sheet to facilitate a dialoque during the interview/information process.

I think it is a useful guideline and done with the correct amount of tact and "compassion" that these are all good points to cover.

It not only ensures that the dojo can assess the student, but that the student may assess their own decision about what they are going to undertake.

I don't think we do this enough. In someways even though the questions are very direct and may seem rude, it is also being very honest to the student the level of committment they need to be prepared to make in order to not only avoid wasting the dojo's time, but also their own time and money.

Many different ways of running a dojo and I think actually that Aikido is more of an advance practice than maybe some other arts (or at least it should be!) and that it is a life long process that requires a great deal of committment. Most of us don't know this starting out, and I think establishing this upfront is actually at least a more honest way of doing it.

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