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Walter Martindale
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Re: Full Speed Randori and Self Defense

Wow. That is an old thread.
Couple of comments. One sensei had a session where the ikkyo was such a sudden trip to the ground that uke (me) didn't really know what happened. Another sensei likened the slower (grading style) kihon ikkyo to using uke's head like a push broom.
A shihan (Kawahara) at a seminar once told us that "mukashi" (in the old days) ikkyo was finished by pinning the elbow and lifting the hand... Not nice, either way. Jun's comments from 2000 match up with my dojo sensei (in Regina SK in the 90s) showing us a rather brutal and sudden ikkyo that involved a bit of movement and a spiraling cut with tegatana. splat - huh? what happened?
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