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Re: Full Speed Randori and Self Defense

FWIW, I had an interesting discussion on this very topic with my Sensei. His point of view was that at full speed, it is unrealistic to apply shihonage, etc. to attackers.

The purpose of training techniques is to learn the principles of aikido which can then be applied spontaneously to any situation. Sure, nikkyo might come up, but it is more likely to be something spontaneous that does not look like an exact technique. (Takemusu)

The training that we do daily on the mat is designed to ingrain these principles into our natural movement. What happens when you go full speed with people that actually try to hurt you will depend on how sincerely you trained.

I think it is not necessary to exactly simulate the conditions for which you are ultimately attempting to train. It's quite impossible, when you think about it.
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