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Re: Patience

In another Dave Lowry moment for me...

I'm reminded of when he spoke about him being stuck on a move in one of his often practised kata. One that had him jump 360 degrees that will always make him look like a clown instead of a swan (if memory serves, since I've long lost that book!). He had this going for several months until one fine day his sensei told him to adjust his weight just so, and launch from his leg just so. All of a sudden, everything became a perfect story book ending.

Incensed that his sensei kept such a simple secret from him, making him waste months of his time he asked the question, why? The sensei answered back, would you have understood my explanation 6 months ago?

And there was it... the aha moment. Came about when it was suppose to come about. No doubt, a caring sensei who knew just the time to reveal something else you didn't know about the art you're doing. It takes a special individual to know that time and another special individual to get to that moment. Unfortunately, I doubt that such a system could work with dojo's that run the gamut unlike the one to one relationship that Lowry had with his sensei.

Nice post incidently.

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