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Re: Student Intake Questionnaire

As previously stated , I believe Student intake Questionaire is imperfect . It has to be used in conjunction with other evaluation processes. There will always be "problem children" who slip through but the questionaire , I believe , helps minimize the frequency of such things.
Additionally , from a purely "defensive" point of view, the questionaire shows that I have tried "in good faith" to screen and evaluate those who I give my knowledge. If a student ....or ex-student... creates some sort of irresponsible or malevolent mayhem out in the community ,at least I can show that. Also ,if a student hides his /her risk factors for injury and our training exacerbates the condition , I can show that I was not given the opportunity to take appropriate precautions for that student's safetly.
If you have specific ethical or behavioral expectations for your students, I think the questionaire is a good place to broach those. If their rejection or acceptance of those are important to you , you should know it sooner rather than later. If the student "tells you what you want to hear" , at least their deception is documented. If he /she becomes a problem in the school or community , that documented deception provides a justification for the student's dismissal.
With Respect,
Doc Dority
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