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Re: Ogawa Tada - aiki techniques& training methods of Kodo Horikawa

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Couple of things, in this stage of training, looking at videos, I have come to the stage where I watch uke. If the guy is good, he has got to the spot where he can be minimal in his actions. But the reaction of uke's body and when it occurrs is where you can learn.

If you had been around Issac Newton, it would not have been possible to see how he came up with solutions, but looking at his proofs would show how he got there.
two cents.
Scott Harrington
Not really
I can be minimal in my actions as well when playing with people who take ukemi. I find it far more beneficial (both for me and for my training partners) to train to actually never take ukemi and to resist with the same aiki tht is being used on them. Why? It makes damn good martial artists.

I think the whole aiki training model can be greatly improved upon by actually "teaching" aiki. After learning ukemi, I think it's time we stop taking ukemi all together and learn to use aiki to cancel out the aiki of the teacher. Then learn to move and fight with it-yes actual fighting that works.
It will make better teachers, better shihan, and better representatives- as they will need to grow and improve to deal with their own students. After training in that type of environment you should be able to go out among the "straights" and do very well. It also brings your body skills past these ridiculous and embarrassing one-step, wrist grab kata's.

And for the love of God will somebody offer feints and then connect and disconnect and kick and punch these guys? At some point will the community spar with them and have the temerity to ask
"Really? Is that all you got?"
If you keep doing the very "Japanese" one-step kata tricks- you are never going to really grow. it isn't good budo no matter who or how many may say otherwise.

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