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Re: Full Speed Randori and Self Defense

We regularly practice a "walking" randori in the dojo where I train. I have found this to be very helpful.

Ironically, at first it seemed, the high speed randoris were much easier. I don't feel an irony with that anymore. High speed attackers are much more prone to being thrown - directed along their way - simply due to their enertia.

The slow speed practice remains a difficult but rewarding study for me. To focus on a blend and the subtleties of directing uke(s) as they move toward, that is very cool stuff.

And for me, a relative newcomer to the art, the walking randori continually helps me learn to respond versus react to the attack ( conflict ).

The street stuff...though I enjoy reading what folks have to say, I'm not particularly interested in discussing/debating it. It seems pretty straightforward to me. Aikido training will improve my response to any street incident.

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