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Re: Ogawa Tada - aiki techniques& training methods of Kodo Horikawa

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Now you want an opinion or advice and discussion about movement with someone outside of aikido?

No, not interested.


This is a weird disconnect.

I'm going to restate it simply

(1) I didn't start the thread.

(2) I didn't ask for your input. But if anyone wants to discuss nuts and bolts, hey, let's do it. It could be a learning opportunity. Otherwise, we're left with 'Hey, Nice clip, Ernesto"


It's all good, one way or another. If the situation you allude to occurred, I can understand how you may feel reluctance. (I'm not a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure a dry discussion of mechanics - under the auspices of 'fair comment' - is a total defense to slander. Given the potentially transitory nature of posts here, I'd imagine slander would be correct term. But what do I know)

I'll be careful in future to avoid trying to move a discussion forward

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