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Re: Why do we use so much grappling in Aikido?

Oh, I see what you mean! Yea, I do things sometimes in AIkido that aikidoka are not used to seeing. LIke them doing ikkyo on me only to have me go down the roll around into a dela riva guard then around their back, standing back up to iriminage!

What it teaches you I think is that the fight is not over when you think it is over...and posture matters...always! If you stay "on" and keep pressing close with good posture, these things are not possible in aikido. However, if you get lazy and default to "ikkyo and down"...and break your intent/posture because you have some affects in your practice cause no one ever does this type of set up...then this is possible.

It reinforces the importance of keeping aware, alive, and focus throughout the "lifecycle" of the technique, which is much longer than you might think it is.

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