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Re: Why do we use so much grappling in Aikido?

Alejandro Villanueva wrote: View Post
That's a good way to put it. The only glitch I see with that aproach is the transition between the arts. You also need to study and practice them, but then I suppose that at a certain level you pretty much can figure out how to transition.

Thanks. Me likes the thread too
What has been most interesting to me is the figuring it out piece.

Each Method (Aikido, Judo, BJJ) invokes rules, norms, assumptions, restrictions, etc.

So when I started BJJ as an Aikidoka, I thought "no problem, I will pick this up quickly!" I didn't. Then going from Judo from BJJ, thought the same thing...of course I got tossed alot.

"how can I be that much of a beginner?" I thought each time, it is the same stuff!

Yet each practice represents a distillation of a practice and the practicioners of that methodology get quite adept at exploiting the rules/strategies that are "allowed".

So, while you have "skillz" you are all messed up when you....for example, Can't bend over at the waist stall and grab the pant leg in Judo. Or in Jiu Jitsu you find that laying on your back for 25 seconds is not a good thing in Judo....or that in Aikido that awesome gripping game you develop in Judo doesn't quite cut it if the guy can strike you or has a knife.

So, I think it gives you the opportunity to practice and learn some finer details that each system/method has refined by restricting the practice to those areas.

After a while, you get adept at moving between the rules and recognizing them for what they are.

Putting it back together into your system I think has to be done on your own, although, frankly I find Aikido allows for the greatest opportunity for this to occur as ironically I think it is the least restrictive...which I also think is part of the problem with Aikido as well since it is so damn complicated to deal with such a subtle practice!

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