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Re: Tanden Usage in Aikido - re Tetsutaka Sugawara

Larry Camejo wrote: View Post
It felt like I was given a small electric shock on contact with Shishida's wrist. Just before my grip locked onto his wrist everything from my palm to my spine locked up with an upward force that caused my head to whiplash a bit (in fact this happened to other folks in the seminar and gave some a headache). During that time my balance was "floated" upward as I had to go on my toes to maintain any balance. His wrist fundamentally became my central point of balance with me unable to let go even when I tried.

When he did the opposite and relaxed his arm I basically had my structure taken out from under me and dropped towards the mat. And I still couldn't let go.
Wow! Thanks for posting - I do appreciate it. Sounds very daito ryu... interesting. Gosh, I'm going to have to think about that myself


Dave Findlay
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