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Re: Why do we use so much grappling in Aikido?

Alejandro Villanueva wrote: View Post
Well, this is the fundamental point of the Aikido of Mochizuki Sensei. Judo Aikido Ichi. And this is (I believe) what he wanted to pass on as (one of) the fundamentals of his Aikido.
Should that not be Judo, Aikido, Karate Ichi? Or is Karate not part of Mochizuki's Yoseikan Budo?

Tomiki saw Aikido as a section of Japanese Budo (Atemi and Kansetsu Waza) that could stand on its own merits without one needing to resort to Judo waza (or anything else) to make it work. This is part of why he formulated the method that he did. As a very skilled Judoka who was rendered helpless by Ueshiba's Aiki early in their relationship I think he realised that there was a skillset within Aikido that was important to preserve and understand. Something that his years of Judo training may not have prepared him for. I think in that light he felt it better to maintain separate training methods for the two arts, even though they relied on the same basic principles.

Imho of course.


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