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Re: The first time you fell on your (_!_) thanks to your hakama

I think it was last week. My partner and I were really having fun throwing each other around. I for get the techniques name.... anyway forward rolls were working great and the energy was going up. My partner got in a really good throw but I guess he surprised himself so that he didn't quite let go as I took off. Sent me into a really nice cross roll.

I was so taken by how great the roll was, in spite of the snag, that when I landed I was not paying a lot of attention to where my feet were and just tried to get right back up and go for another one... lol my foot was on my Hakima so the second I tried to jump up I fell right over backward. I think it took me about 3 tries to get back on my feet. So busy trying to figure out what just happened that I didn't realize right away that I was pinned to the floor by my own hakima.
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