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Re: Why do we use so much grappling in Aikido?

Phil Van Treese wrote: View Post
As I have trained under Tomiki Shihan for many years (15), we did a lot of tachi waza and as we took them to the ground, we would go into ne waza---shime waza, kansetsu waza etc.
Really? Care to give the exact times and places where this training happened? I personally know a few people who trained with Tomiki Shihan so it would be good to compare notes.

Phil Van Treese wrote: View Post
Shiho nage would lead into Kata Gatame and then to juji gatame etc, etc. Tomiki Shihan did not mix the arts but you did train paralleling each art and work on the ability to switch from one technique to another.
The ability to switch between Tachi and Newaza is something that anyone with enough training in Judo and Aikido can develop. This is an element of ones personal development as a martial artist but is not necessarily representative of ones training system. If I cross train in Muay Thai and use it in my personal training and sparring it does not mean that Muay Thai is part of the official Aikido syllabus.

Regardles of what Tomiki may or may not have done during his own personal exploration of Budo, the Shodokan Aikido system that he founded does not allow such transitions as part of its training syllabus. In the execution of Tachi waza if one has become vulnerable to any sort of newaza from a Shodokan perspective it means that ones use of sen, kamae, tai sabaki, ma ai and tegatana were poor. The whole point of the Kihon exercises done at the beginning of every class is to develop these core areas.

It is important to differentiate personal experience from what the system actually teaches. I have no doubt that Tomiki could switch effortlessly between Ju and Aiki waza including newaza, but it does not mean that this is what he wanted to pass on as the fundamentals of his Aikido.

agree that newaza is ground technique, and tachi waza is standing...however, grappling occurs in BOTH orientations I think if you want to be more specific and accurate.
Kevin is correct imho.

Just my thoughts.


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