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Red face The first time you fell on your (_!_) thanks to your hakama

Well, after wearing a hakama for 7 months, Wednesday night was the chosen day for me to fall on my (_!_). Just goes to show you are never safe wearing one of these things. I was doing something that I do countless times in each iaido class (walk backwards), but somehow this didn't end up the same way. I stepped on it and could feel myself falling. I had several thoughts running through my head. The first was "So this is what it feels like to trip over a hakama..." and the second part was "Oh crap, don't land on your bokken and saya (which was put away in my iai-obi)!" Anywho, I managed to somehow get my bokken out of the way. Only thing that happened was I choked on my own spit. Anywho, the first thing I did when I landed was look over at my husband and started busting out laughing. Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.

The guy teaching looked over at me once I got back up and asked if I was alright. I kept coughing from choking on my spit, but I told him "I'm fine. I just kinda went with it." I wish I had it on video to see what I looked like. Too bad I wasn't cool enough to turn it into a roll and come back up standing.... maybe next time. HAHA!

Anyone want to share one of their stories? (doesn't have to be the first time you fell)

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