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Re: YouTube: Push Test to Nikkyo

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Yeah, that was after I had successfully demonstrated my point - or so I thought. So at the end of the day, arm straight or bent, you can nail the person... I just hadnt been shown how to do so up until now with the arm straight... emphasis has always been on the arm being bent, or I suppose going into another move as mentioned in a previous post.

... much to learn still.
If you look at it strictly from a jujutsu aspect, if the arm is straight, then it can be used as a lever to affect someone's hips. Get the hips to be out of alignment with the rest of the body and nikkyo is easy to apply.

Looking at it from an aiki perspective, the lever isn't going to work. The hips won't be affected because of how the internal body structure is built.

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As for Aiki - I have tried something like the unbendable arm with Gokkyo [i.e., when your on the ground and Tori goes to pin your arm/wrist up by your head.] When I had my arm relaxed, yet extending it, my arm could not be bent. I did this with a couple of people and it was fun to see the results as it worked with higher lvl kyu as well. [something I tried on my own, they werent even expecting it, that is what was so cool about it.
The unbendable arm trick is only one half of what really should be going on. While it gives some strength when you mentally extend through your arm, it isn't the complete exercise. Intent going outwards should be combined with intent coming inwards at the same time. Not an easy thing to do or keep going in a dynamic situation.
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