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Re: YouTube: Push Test to Nikkyo

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Of course I can't feel what is happening, only what I see, but from the video it looks like instead of aiming for the normal 'blend' and get off the line thing and slightly redirect uke using minimum force (at least to me it's normal, I mean no particular judgment by saying that) and letting uke's own momentum make things happen, this is more of a direct resistance approach, using good posture, etc, to let nage's legs press against the ground, etc, to more easily create an equal force opposing uke's force?

Or perhaps not quite, but that is what I'm seeing.

I consider the normal blend and get off the line as jujutsu. It is a physical attempt (moving your body and purposefully attempting to somehow move uke's body in a specific manner) to somehow get uke off balanced. Jujutsu like that can be very flowing, soft, and use minimal movement, but it's still an outward physical attempt at displacing uke in some manner.

In my vid, I'm actually doing a bit more than just letting uke's force go through my legs into the ground. That's sort of like the ki test of unbendable arm. That's only a one way, single direction aspect. I'm working on having intent go outwards and inwards at the same time. So, yes, while there is intent going from my hand to my opposite leg, which let's uke's force travel to the ground, I also have intent going outwards. Just as my spine is also going in two directions at once.

But, I'm not resisting uke's force. If I'm doing things right, I don't even feel uke's push at all. And I don't push or force any energy back into uke. Everything is done relative to me. Is my intent going out and in, is my spine intent going up and down, is my spine in the center of my body, etc. Even when I apply nikkyo, I'm not thinking of applying a technique against uke, but rather using intent up my spine, out over uke, and then down. Not easy, nor am I very good at it.
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