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Re: Training for a physical confrontation

Bulls are generally pretty consistent animals, at least rodeo bulls are. Bullriders and bullfighters get to know the bulls and generally the animals will act in a particular way, such as spinning left out of the chute for two spins and then a hard turn to the right. Sometimes everyone gets fooled, but not too often. With these fighting bulls shown, note that once they get moving in a line, they aren't able to turn quickly from their original direction of travel. At close distance and slow speeds they can turn on a dime. Secondly note these bullfighters are only doing a specific technique four or less times with the same animal. Bulls are pretty smart and athletic, so if you try to pull the same turn more than four times, they'll remember and anticipate your movement. Your trousers won't be white after that! These guys aren't counting on the bulls' specific movements, but their general physical characteristics such as the inability to turn quickly at a full sprint.

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