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Re: Training for a physical confrontation

Eric Winters wrote: View Post
Really? It is hard to get the meaning of your response when not discussing in person. But I read your response as some sort of challenge. If so, I am not sure how my question came off as aggressive: I really was just asking for some extra help and training methods for teaching those who would benefit from this sort of training.

Thanks to those who have given me helpful suggestions. Please keep them coming.
Understand, no I don't mean it as some sort of challenge other than to answer your question since you are looking for an answer to how to train against a fully resistant opponent.

The only way you can do this is against a fully resistant opponent.

The questions that Mary and I posed were not meant to discuss the value of aikido in a fight, or if it works...only to define the parameters of the situation.

Your response back to this was, "no, I don't want to debate this, I want to know methods for training against a fully resistant opponent."

Hence my answer. It is about the only way I could answer that question since you don't seem to want to discuss parameters.

There really is no other way to do this. My best advice is to attend a school like those offered by Tony Blauer that do this type of stuff on a fairly fully resistive manner with the right gear and the right supervision.

What you will find when you take this course is that Tony's folks will spend a fair amount of time upfront in the classroom talking about fighting, fighitng paradigms, applications, strategies, assumptions, mindset etc...same type of questions we posed above.

From there, they will put you through various drills, forming a frame, thai clinching, clinching, takedowns, dominate body position recover. It really is that simple no big secrets to be had really...other than practice, practice, practice.

So, when I say "come meet with me and I will attack you fully resistant."

I say it i the most sincere way.

But, also please understand, that you basically kinda cut us off at the knees by dismissing the things we were talking about concerning establishing criteria/ if you can't discuss those.....then all that is left is to say "okay, well lets fight and then we will discuss it."

See my point?

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