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Deb Fisher
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sink or swim

Yes! But the only people who seem to sink are the ones who get too frustrated. Everyone else learns as much about the frustration as they do about ikkyo.

Train as much as you want and can, with experienced people. Most important, relax and realize that **you are doing them a favor**, because teaching is one of the best ways to learn anything, including aikido. You mentioned that you were "taking training time away" from your partner because you were ignorant of something, and that's just not true. A dojo isn't like going to the gym. It's a social environment and you sign up for a range of experiences, including showing people how to stretch or roll or find a pressure point or tie their belts...

You also learn that you can't feel so bad about your ignorance that you're unable to learn. This is a huge cultural stumbling block, and well worth removing. (Speaking from experience here... this was and is a very hard lesson for me).

Train well - and good luck!

Deb Fisher
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