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Marc Abrams
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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Hi Mark:

Let's leave the comments about me personally out of the posts, shall we?

I stand by what I said and I've had discussions about the topic with members of Ikeda's dojo. If you want to explain why there's a mistake or overlap in understanding, please do so. This constant shift to personal attack (it's called "ad hominem") is disgusting.

Mike Sigman

I was not aware that any of the students from that dojo are direct students of Ushiro Sensei. So you would like to stand behind your statement because you have had conversations with people from that dojo? You said: "Similarly, Ushiro openly teaches the kokyu-development methods of karate as being indistinguishable in the sense that it's all kokyu."

I said that this statement is simply erroneous. What Ushiro Sensei teaches is not all kokyu, nor is what he does indistinguishable in that it is all kokyu. I frankly think that coming to conclusions based upon inadequate information to be disgusting.

You would like me to to now try and explain how you are wrong. You typically respond to direct inquiry from others about how do to things and how to gain a deeper understanding of things in a cagey manner without giving away details. Here is a good start for you. Kokyu is only one part of a foundational package.

Marc Abrams
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