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Re: Training for a physical confrontation

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Maybe I should be more specific. I did not want this to be a debate as to what is a fight or what kind of fight you are getting into and why etc. It also is not a aikido does not work in a "real" fight debate.

How about how best to train for a fully resistant opponent.
Nobody's debating anything so far; I'm just saying that you need to set some parameters before you can answer your question. Even "a fully resistant[sic] opponent" isn't quite enough: is this a life-or-death situation, or just a really drunk Uncle Joe who wants to prove to you that all that dancing around in a skirt can't match what he learned in the Army thirty years ago? In one situation, the response is lethal force; in the other, it's not. I think that's an important consideration in self-defense strategies but YMMV.
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