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Re: Training for a physical confrontation

I'm with Mary and her list of questions really.

Context is very important.

Taking all that away.

At what range are you practicing?
What Weapons are available?
What is the environmental considerations?
Access to friends?
What is your "point of failure", and is that the place you are going to train from?

Setting up scenario based training after figuring out these questions is probably the best way to train.

Actually I think you approach it just like an engineering problem as Mary states.

"What problem are you trying to solve?"

What are your inputs, situational factors, and desired outcomes?

From there you can then develop assessment critieria in order to gather feedback from the situation, make an assessment and adjust accordingly.

I think training like this, that is, dynamic, is something that simply cannot be boiled down to steps 1,2, and 3. Each person needs to experience it for themselves, have decent observers to critique and then develop your own "game" so to speak.

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