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Mike Sigman
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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
You "realize" nothing, and the "view" your erroneously attribute to me is the exact opposite of what I have repeatedly gone on record as saying. There is nothing you can offer to support your opinion either.
From what I know of Ueshiro he doesn't agree with that view either and is quite pointed about differences he sees as well.
This fits in with the pattern of intentional disinformation you spread on public forums just to get a reaction, as you admitted doing publicly on Neijia and E-budo.
Hmmmm... see your own posts about how different approaches don't mean much, Dan, in relation to "Aiki". You're on record as dismissing posts I've made in relation to people understanding that there are differences.

Similarly, Ushiro openly teaches the kokyu-development methods of karate as being indistinguishable in the sense that it's all kokyu.

Your own posts are archived on this forum, BTW. If you want to caveat something you've said, please clarify/caveat without getting off into the personal attacks. If you don't believe you said those things, tell me and I'll do the search to bring them up (they're there). Everytime you've asked for sourcing of something you've said, I've given it; you have yet to respond to one demand for sourcing of things you've attributed to me. I.e., I don't mind digging up your statements (you made them more than once), but given your own lack of sourcing, let's reach an agreement about how to do a fair and logical discussion; one which doesn't always stoop to making some sort of personal remark.

Mike Sigman
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