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Re: Communication

Could not have picked a better time to read this one. While training last night I had a partner (black belt) that was not too familiar to me and doing a technique that was completely new. I admit my attack needed work. I'm tentative with people I don't know well. But when I grabbed and my partner moved I didn't move they stopped and looked at me funny and said ,"why didn't you move?" I said ,"why would I?" Boy I got one heck of a strange look. I mean total speechlessness for about a minute. It was interesting reading the thoughts moving across their face as they processed this.

Well we worked through it after a lecture to me about how to be an Uke... something I kind of do know but hey I'm new there is much to learn still. And this person in the end was able to help me with the technique quite a lot. I'm pretty sure they still think I'm the dunce of the Aikido world.

But thinking about it this mornign I realized, and I knew it last night.. the reason I didn't move was that I was never given any reason to move. There was no communication to say where I should go or that I should. I had my balance, I was centered. There was simply no reason for me to move. That failure happened on both out parts. If my attack had been more real I don't doubt nage would have been more communicative as to where I should go.

Without communication, there can be no aikido.

Thank you again for yet another timely and excellent article.
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