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Eric Winters
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Training for a physical confrontation

Hello everyone,

This topic has probably come up before but I am just to lazy to look it up and it is also good to get new insights.

What are some ways of training in the dojo that would help better prepare a person for a physical confrontation with another person? I understand there are all kinds of variables but lets just look at the basic, two people getting into a fight. I also understand that Aikido is much more than just the physical techniques and there are many other great benefits for practicing aikido. That is why I have trained in aikido as long as I have.

I have been training in Aikido for almost 20 years and have about a year of training in each of these systems. Krav Maga, BJJ, Tae Kwon Do and Chinese Kenpo. I have taken some of their training methods and incorporated them when I teach but I would also like to here the opinions of others that are more experienced than me or others that are just really good at this stuff.


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