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Victoria Pitt
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Re: What's your daily practice?

Bokken because I am learning Aikido and Iaido and they are different to me so I try to make sure I remember the difference. Other than that, I will run on the treadmill or bike or do core exercises (I hurt my back when I first started Aikido pretty bad so now I am paranoid about my back).

I do look at a lot of videos online, seeing what I like, what I don't like, what looks right, what I know is very wrong. I do try to walk like a ninja (hahah) too. Not disturbing too much in my passing, but sometimes that's hard to do when I'm rocking f-me boots which I tend to like a little too much outside the dojo.

I will start practicing with jo next week too because I hate it.

~Do one thing each day that scares you...~
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