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Tony Peters
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I have two Haks, My good one is a a Bujin 8oz one that I love, It is easy to fold and wear's well. Since I wear it both indoor and outdoors in does get dirty and I have to wash it about every 6 weeks. I usually just fold it wet and put it in the car to dry (hawaii lots of heat in a dark car. My other on is a very light polyesters job that I only wear when it is really hot (Guam, deep south etc.) It is rather annoying in that it is so light the pleats to stay in without lots of starch but I refuse to wear a heavy one in high humidity. Bujin's cotton hak is Heavy and if you have hard water it leaves white streaks through the fabric. It is also a royal B@#*h to fold however once the folds are set it becomes easier. We raz a guy in my Jodo class about his "stonewashed" looking Blue cotton Bujin Hak. There is a drycleaners here that knows how to fold Hakamas though so we are blessed with that if it gets too out of whack (he droped his off this week for a "tune up"

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