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"Fighting through life's challenges"

Posted 2009-11-24 22:59:18 by Jun Akiyama
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This article entitled "Fighting through life's challenges" highlights Ken Marvin in Washingtonville, NY, who has been teaching aikido despite having been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease ten years ago. Among his students is Doug McGlynn who has cerebral palsy.

From the article: "They are some pair, these guys. One has Parkinson's disease, the other cerebral palsy. One has hands that shake uncontrollably, the other has arms that give him power. One teaches martial arts across from the firehouse in this quaint town. The other learns martial arts from a wheelchair. By now you might wonder exactly how this works. This is how it works: A man named Ken Marvin refuses to give in to his disease. A man named Doug McGlynn refuses to give in to his condition. They are the perfect pair. That's how it works."

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