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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Hi Ignatius,

Fwiw the first kind of specific instructions on breathing (and the last) were to inhale into the tanden , allow it to relax and fill out while not allowing the chest to rise. I didnt learn the term "natural breathing" until later, outside of the dojo.

One emphasis was on relaxing the abdomen and noticing how this affected the tightness on my shoulders. Another point was to not exhale forcefully just to let the air escape and then fill out again.

During aikido waza I was also taught to inhale while receiving the attack and to exhale while projecting or pinning . This was to be done gently and practice was paced to be at a comfortable level for beginners.

This training was something I remember clearly as a beginner in the beginner classes. A few months later I was already more interested in learning the "techniques" but I was always supposed to keep this in mind and train accordingly.

This is what I remember from 10yrs ago.

This is one method , i think some people will probably be familiar with this.

The strange thing for me is that I think kokyu-dosa is a different method

Alfonso Adriasola
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