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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Bear in mind that there are a number of approaches to breathing methods by different styles, each of which thinks that it has hit on the *best* way to do breathing exercises.
I guess the question is - what is the "optimal" method for Aikidoka who are interested in pursuing this avenue, and how to approach it. Particularly, if one's teacher (e.g. you mentioned Tohei) isn't being explicit on the intricacies and details. Or would one be better off pursuing other avenues, such as sanchin with Ushiro (again, for example)?

This is a discussion that probably belongs on QiJin, BTW. I don't think the background for the discussion has been established on AikiWeb or its archives, so to have a fruitful public discussion would require extensive discussion of background material first.
You're probably right. A fruitful in-depth discussion? It's only taken 353 posts to get to this point, and we haven't even touched the periphery yet!

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