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Re: Ogawa Tada - aiki techniques& training methods of Kodo Horikawa

I could post detailed accounts of these various videos; what they show, the mistakes involved, what people are missing in their bodies- both internally and in execution- and then what to do and how to fix it, but I won't. I could have done the same thing with the recently posted Yoshinkan video demonstrating that Daito ryu kodokai projection that Shioda learned from Kodo.
Personally, I think it's disingenuous to ask for commentary, critique and perhaps advice from men who can show you the ropes, and what to do when Aikido teachers remain untouchable and out of bounds for those same discussions.

You need to realize there are men here who can out-do many of the traditional teachers demonstrating on almost every meaningful level; aiki, weapons, effective connection, manipulation, and / or flat-out combative prowess. It is my view that in general, the TMA community is not yet ready to deal with that, and to be frank, would rather study for twenty years in a "system" to find out and take their chances for success.
Good luck in your training
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