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In our dojo only the senior students wear hakama, I don't remember if they start wearing hakama at 3rd kyu or when sensei starts them teaching. All students who wear hakama at our dojo teach by the way. Nobody seems to attach any importance to it other than these are the best people to go to for help (if you can't get sensei),and one of them has to be there if you wish to practice after class. It works quite well and has never been an issue so far as I know.

Brandon Cole (bcole23) wrote:
P.S. differentiating between the clothing women and men can wear is wrong.
Both women and men wear hakama,so it's not different clothing,just in some dojos they start wearing it at different times, it's really no big deal. But men and women do wear different clothing,at least usually. Women often wear dresses, men usually don't. Do you think this is wrong?

I'm not trying to be annoying or anything but as we often wear different clothes outside of the dojo why is it such a problem in the dojo?

I'm lucky though,as a child and later on in life I was exposed to a people with a variety of different cultures and customs,so I don't get offended or insulted easily by different rules.Besides I'd just be happy to be training.


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