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Re: the changed body

Hey Mike,
Frankly I don't know about that stuff. Is Lu He Ba (sp?) like the 'kernel' of what healthy-'natural'-powerful-cosmologically-aligned body movement is? If you adhere: you are? 'Threading the pearl'?
Dunno. If you want to talk about that I, for one, am definitely interested, cause, like I said, I don't know. Does aikido have an equivalent? Have you found that Aikido teaches about the body in that way? Is it supposed to? In my limited experience it did and it didnt.
I always meant to ask; but it's by definition personal. I would love to ask this question to Ark, Dan and yourself, (and Toby, and Ellis, and anyone who would answer!);maybe even a question for Voices of Experience; as to how has your body changed for the better; and what specifically do you like and or recommend to do? This is in reference to the 'changing/tempering of the body'. I really like your explanation of the 'universal movement' . but i only saw that brief clip and didn't really see any interviews or anything. I would love to hear more about it. It is about the spirals right?
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