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Re: the changed body

Another wonderful thread over at rsf: Postural analysis and natural movement . I hope it's not 'bad form' for me to point over there..<gulp>but it was a pretty cool discussion.... and definitely relevant to what i was clumsily trying to point at.

Part of the reason I am hyped on Ming is that his stuff can (teach/)give you the ability to do your own body work/rolfing/etc and re-balance yourself. Arguably a good MA would never have gotten into a mess...or could figure it out. Whatever. i couldn't. While certainly not the ultimate (or anywhere near) IT, i think it certainly represents a valid first step.... in getting out of your own way...and a step towards preparing the body..
Also; and I am reluctant to mention this connection again; but Ming touts his stuff as addressing the fascia (specifically the muscluo-fascial =myofascia) in the body. His program is about hydrating, decreasing inflammation and literally stretching and un-binding kinks from the 'fascia'. (i'm paraphrasing; but he does discuss it in terms of fascia of the body). A different take on stretching and body conditioning/changing. for what it's worth.

elsewhere..and tangentially related...I saw this; in the context of training/changing your body: "Pain is the feeling of weakness leaving your body". i like that. makes it easier to hold on in the moment of pain.

reminds me of this douka
To see the true things
Harmonize with the voice which shouts, "Yah"
Never be drawn into the rhythm of the enemy

With "Eiii" cut him down!
That enemy that lurks within
Instruct him with "Yah"
Guide him with "Toh"
Is it bad that i'm yelling Yah and Toh while stretching ; ]
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