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Marc Abrams
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Re: 061) Confronting Our Fears: Week of November 15, 2009

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post

I think some fears are reducable, like speaking in front of groups etc, that one I am good with most of the time. However, something that is so completely overwhelming like heights, fighting, etc...not sure if you ever really reduce it much, but learn to control and channel it.

sounds like a great seminar.

I think that you are close to the core of the issue. Kaizen put in nicely when he said that developing comportment in mind and body is a main goal. Fear is a body-based process that has obvious evolutionary benefits. Allowing ourselves to not be constrained & overly governed by our fears is what is important. Learning to use fear in a functional manner is a difficult process. Kaizen accurately pointed out that many aspects of systematic desensitization therapy are contained within the training paradigms of Systema. Learning how to control and channel fear is a major feat when we start from a point of having fear control and channel our thoughts, feelings and actions. The more severe the fears and reactions, the more difficult it it becomes to help the person lower the level of intensity of the fear response. It can be done however.

Marc Abrams
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