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Re: 061) Confronting Our Fears: Week of November 15, 2009

Thanks for sharing Marc.

Not sure how my experience might be related. But probably the biggest fear I face is of heights. I have a irrational fear of heights at anything above 40 foot where I am not anchored by a rope or something.

I am scared to the point of my knees get weak and I tend to freeze up kinda fear.

So you might wonder how I can be on Airborne Status with the Army and do rappelling and stuff like that.

Well, it is through training and making some basic things habitual. I have never really been able to reduce the fear in these situations much, but I recognize it for what it is and have developed the ability to simply push through it by going through a series of steps and sequences I learned as part of the process.

It is literally something I have to overcome, I have to make myself standup, hook up my line, and then walk down the aisle and turn the corner and jump. I have to will myself to do this.

Not sure if that fear will ever really go away, nor do I really want it, I feel safer with it.

The funny thing is once I am out the door and my chute is open..I am perfectly fine!

So, for me, I think it is 1. recognizing your fear, learning what causes it, what are the conditions surrounding it. 2. Embracing it, learning that it is going to happen so manage it. 3. Developing a set of steps/procedures that help you get through that process. 4. Rejoicing once you have accomplished conquering it. 5. Begin again.

I think some fears are reducable, like speaking in front of groups etc, that one I am good with most of the time. However, something that is so completely overwhelming like heights, fighting, etc...not sure if you ever really reduce it much, but learn to control and channel it.

sounds like a great seminar.

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