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Re: YouTube: Kisaburo Osawa

Ellis Amdur wrote: View Post
Note - Osawa sensei taught by taking ukemi.
I recognized some people in the video from the old days. Notable was the Japanese-American guy with the long hair and beard. Don't remember his name, but we called him "The mugger's mugger," because he liked to go out at night, looking frail and helpless, and then, when someone tried to rob him, disarming the attacker and taking his knife or other weapon. He reportedly had a collection of weapons he'd taken off people.
Jim Baker wrote: View Post
His name was Harry, but I don't recall his last name.

Jim Baker
Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Nakamura, IIRC. He had a whole closet full of stuff.


Just curious. What would one call this form of training? Would it be considered 'kosher' ? Definately falls under oyowaza (applied techniques). Very interesting if Osawa taught this while taking ukemi ....

Does anyone else teach methods for 'looking frail and helpless' becasue that would be pretty tough for me (I look quite fierce but I'm really just a big puppy).

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