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Hi Rachel,

The place where I teach is one of those conglomerate dojo. We have 5 seperate arts. Individually none of the arts could afford to have a place as nice as what we have but by coming together we've got a nice spot. I think it's a great way to go if you can find instructors of other arts that can share the vision.

It started with the local Y.M.C.A. Some judo guys started a program down there with the support of the existing kartate programs instructor and other local dojo. Once the mats were in place at the "Y" an aikido class wasn't far behind. You might want to check with the local Y's in Ann Arbor and see if any have a current judo program and if they'd be willing to have an aikido program. There definitely is no money to be made by doing it this way. The "Y" gets the cash and you get a place to train/teach that you don't have to pay for or get insurance on. It did take a while for the judo and aikido programs to grow big enough to warrant moving to our own place but it did happen.

Good luck, hope it works out.


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