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Re: YouTube: Kisaburo Osawa

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Good question. I am guessing that for you, the question is rhetorical and the obvious answer is "no", but for me, the answer is yes. All three gentlemen move very much like their fathers, especially gentlemens 1 and 3. When you see Hitohiro Saito move, there is no doubt as to who his teacher was. IMHO however, the same can not be easily done with Hayato Osawa. He has clearly had massive input from another source.
Errr... it was *not* meant as a rhetorical question, just a general point of discussion about the transmission of the art between father and son.

I have not had the privilege of training under two generations, so it's harder for me to make a comparison.

I recently attended a multi-day seminar by Shimamoto Sensei who stated that he had been a follower of Osawa Kissaburo Sensei. In a way, I was expecting to see some aspects of Osawa Hayato Sensei, but that was not the case... so you could be right
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